Wolfgang Bartels Photographie

All black + white prints are manually enlarged for archival conditions, selenium-toned for higher durability and increased partial contrast on fibre-base paper in my own workshop. Colour-prints are also manually enlarged  under author’s instructions. All prints are titled and signed on reverse side, mounted on archival mounting board with overmatts of  archival museum board. The inside bears a photographer’s stamp with archive -  no., title, year photographed and year printed.

Leave Size
Overmatt Size
8 x 10 inch
40x50 cm
280 €
11 x 14 inch /
30 x 40 cm

40x50 cm
330 €
( 165 € for pure documentary style)
40 x 50 cm
50 x 60 cm
450 €
50 x 60 cm
70 x 90 cm
800 €
( 1.200 € for old inventory on Oriental paper)

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