Wolfgang Bartels Photographie

  Wolfgang Bartels
photographical autodidact
since 1992 mainly black + white photography of landscapes, abstractions, architecture and portrait
1992 group show „Landschaft Deutschland“ („Landscape Germany“) GAFF, Rotenburg/Wümme
1993 group show „Von Oben Herab“ („Pictures Picked Out Of The Air“), together with many famous photographers in the GAFF, Rotenburg/Wümme
1994 foundation member and member of the board of the „Haus der Fotografie Hannover e.V.“
1994 „Fotografische Streifzüge durch Sizilien“ („Photographic Incursions Through Sicily“) GAFF, Rotenburg/Wümme
1995 group show „Pictures Picked Out Of The Air “, Magyar Fotográfiai Múzeum, Kecskemet/Hungary
1995/1996 „Norddeutsche Moorlandschaften“ („North-German Moorscapes“), Schloß Landestrost (castle), Neustadt a. R. and World Trade Center, Bremen
1996 group show „Von Oben Herab“ („Pictures Picked Out Of The Air“ Josef-Albers-Museum, Bottrop
1997 meeting Cole Weston, seeing of  Edward Weston's negatives, Carmel, USA
1997 „Poesie des Lichts“ („Poetry of Light“) Galerie im Hause Bohl, Eisenach
since 1997 essential co-creation on the exhibition programme of the „Haus der Fotografie Hannover“
1998 meeting Ralph Gibson (New York) in Hannover
1998 group show „Von Oben Herab“ (Pictures Picked Out Of The Air“) Focke-Museum, Bremen
1998 group show „Bilder vom Menschen“ („Pictures of Man“) Rathaus Rotenburg / Wümme
1998 group show „Hausfotos“ of the members of the „Haus der Fotografie Hannover“